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dry skin care routine

Korean Dry Skin Care Routine

Dry skin. Something that many of us dealing with, especially with winter being here. It can be difficult trying to create a routine that will not only benefit the skin but keep it moisturized during the winter months. Keep reading this article to see how a Korean dry skin care routine will benefit you. 

dry skin care routine

Korean Skincare 

If you are not new to skincare, then you already know the impact Korean skincare has on western skincare and all over the world. They have changed the skincare game immensely from creating and promoting different trends and using ingredients that are innovative and at a high concentration so you will definitely see results. By creating a variety of products that target different skin concerns and at a competitive price point, it makes sense why people all over the world are loving K-Beauty products. Their skincare is effective and affordable, for all skin types. This is why when creating a routine for dry skin, Korean skincare is an amazing option. From Korean skincare to even Korean body products, they are incomparable to other brands.  


Dry Skin Care Routine 

Now, when it comes to a dry skin care routine, the most important thing is to use products that will retain moisture and hydration in the skin. Wish Formula is a great example of a Korean skincare brand that has a large range of products that are nutritional for the skin and at a great price point! 

dry skin care routine

Step 1: Cleansing 

In Korean skincare, double cleansing is the first and very important step. An oil-based cleanser followed by a water-based cleanser will deeply cleanse the skin. These cleansers will get rid of all the makeup, dirt, dust, and oil we collect throughout the day. They leave our skin looking poreless and ready for the application of the next steps. For dry skin cleansing is still very important because even though we don’t produce as much oil as other skin types, we still produce it, and it is important for makeup and SPF wearers to take off those products. Cleansers are much more efficient than makeup wipes because they are actually cleansing and removing the products off of the top layer of skin. Where makeup wipes just move the makeup around. 

wish formula 33 bubble pad

As for a product choice for cleansing, our personal favorite has to be the 33 Bubble Pad Sheets. This product is great in the sense that it is a double cleanser itself! It removes all the makeup and dirt and oil from the day. It’s perfect for dry skin because instead of leaving your skin feeling dry, it feels moisturized and nourished! 


Step 2: Toner 

Now toner is a step that not everyone does, but is great for dry skin. The right toner will include ingredients that have soothing agents and hydrate the skin. The product will seep into the skin, but not remove any of the skin’s essential oils. It should bring balance back into the skin after cleansing, and be gentle enough to reduce redness or irritation in the skin. 


A toner that does just that is Fermented Hydra Essential Toner. Now this toner contains ferments, which have special properties that are great for treating dry skin. The nutrients in this toner protect and help repair our skin’s barrier. It is gentle on the skin and is a perfect skin prepper for layering the next products. 


Step 3: Ampoules or Serums 

Now serums or ampoules, are the treatment agents that will give your skin the biggest results. Either of these products is important because of the concentration of active ingredients in them. This is why people love Korean ampoules or serums because the active ingredients that are in them are always incredibly beneficial for the skin. When it comes to dry skin, you want an ampoule that will hydrate the skin and keep it that way. That is because ampoule’s active ingredients at their concentration, work hard to soothe the skin right away.  

impro ampoule pad c

The Impro Ampoule Pad-C is a good product to follow up on toner. This ampoule instantly hydrates the skin. This is due to some of its star ingredients which are Vitamin C, ferments, Backhousia Citriodora Leaf Oil, and Phellinus Linteus Extract. Together these ingredients provide the skin with amazing antioxidants while moisturizing and nourishing the skin and leaving you with a beautiful glow. This ampoule will brighten and moisturize your skin, so any dullness that was there before will be gone! 


Step 4: Moisturizer 

Moisturizer is the final step (in the evening) for your dry skin routine. For dry skin, it is important to find one that is thick and rich but that will not just sit on the skin and feel heavy. The right moisturizer will protect the skin barrier and lock in all the previous products we use. You want a moisturizer that will sink in the skin and still leave you feeling moisturized. So for dry skin, look for a hydrating face cream, that will bring moisture back into the skin. 


The Fermented Hydra Ceramide Lotion is a great face cream that balances the oil and moisture within the face. It is thick and moisturizing and absorbs faster than other face moisturizers. It contains ingredients such as sea butter, anti-oxidants, and natural and ferment extracts that help moisturize and soothe the skin.   

Step 5: SPF (Morning) 

If this is your routine for the morning as well, then SPF is the final step. SPF is necessary as it protects all the products we have put on the skin, and the skin itself. Especially for dry skin, SPF will prevent any UV rays and free particles from damaging the skin, as well as age spots, fine lines, and dark spots. 


The SPF we love is the Fermented Oil Free Dr. Mild Sunblock. This sunblock is great for all skin types including sensitive skin and contains ingredients that fight and block damage from UV rays and layers well on top of other products. As for dry skin, it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry but locks in the moisture from the previous products mentioned. 


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Final Thoughts 

dry skin care routine

It can be difficult trying to find the right skincare products for dry skin, as well as creating a good dry skin care routine. Using the Korean skincare methods and products will definitely aid in preventing dryness and lack of moisture in the skin. But it is important to remember to be patient with the products and routine, and then you will see results. 


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