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What is the Real Difference: Ampoule vs. Serum

When it comes to skincare, there is a whole variety of different products. From cleansers to exfoliators, moisturizers, and more. The products that are becoming more popular are ampoule skincare products. But many of us get confused by what an ampoule is and how it is different than a serum. Keep reading to find out the difference between an ampoule vs. a serum product! 

ampoule vs serum

What is a Serum 

If you consider yourself a skincare junkie, then you would know that a serum is considered the MVP of many people’s skincare routines. A serum is a well-known liquid-based skincare product, that is a smooth gel-like finish on the skin. There are a diverse amount of serums with different intentions. A Vitamin C serum can be used for brightening dark spots, or for treating wrinkles and fine lines.  


Many contain concentrated active ingredients so they absorb better and faster into the skin. Serums usually come in small bottles with a dropper application, or soaked in sheet masks. They are a great skin treatment to use after cleansing and toning the face. But should be applied before moisturizer, because your moisturizer will lock all the products you use into the skin. This is so your skin can let all the products you use sink into the skin. 


 Now the question is, where does an ampoule product come into a skincare routine. 


What is an Ampoule 

An ampoule is similar to a serum but it has a higher concentration of active ingredients. Since it is more concentrated, you can think of ampoule products as a power boost, for a limited amount of time. Ampoule products are perfect for getting ready for a big event, or after having a drastic skin crisis. 

Ampoule products can be used alongside serums, and can actually be spot treated. Since they are highly concentrated, ampoules are great for targeting the necessary areas. 


Whether it be dullness in the skin, dark spots, or wrinkles, ampoules are the perfect go to products. They also come in different forms. From a dropper to a small vial, or even soaked in pad applications. That is because a little goes a long way for an ampoule.

So depending on the consistency and application you can apply it either before or after your serums and essences. It is always important to apply your products from thinnest to thickest, so your face can absorb all the products and their benefits. Layering is key to using multiple skincare products. 


As for which of the two to use, you can actually use both a serum and ampoule product! At the end of the day, these are both great skin treatments and, when used correctly, you will get the maximum benefits from all the products used. You could either spot treat these products or apply them all over the face. It all depends on how your skin will react, and what you think your skin can and can not handle.  


Both serums and ampoules are fantastic skincare products. But where should you look for these products? 


The Rise Of Korean Skincare 

korean eye mask

Even if you aren’t into skincare, everyone knows about the impact Korean skin care has on the beauty community. From creating trends like the 10 step skincare method to The 7 step method, and even more, Korean skincare has been taking the world by storm. But it’s not just because of the trends they set with different skin care regimens.  


Korean skincare is known for creating incredibly beneficial skin care products that are great for all skin types. If you have oily or dry skin and have acne or dullness issues, you will be able to find a Korean skincare product to help many different skin issues.  


But not only are the formulas effective, but they are also not too pricy either. Korean skincare brands, understand the importance of having good skin, so they create products at great price points. So you get great skin results, with aesthetic packaging, all at an affordable price.  


So when looking for the right ampoule product for you, Wish Formula is a fantastic Korean skincare company that will give you the results you want!  


Wish Formula Ampoule Pads 

The company Wish Formula has several different ampoule products that each have great benefits for the skin, here are two of their star ampoules:


Wish Formula’s I’m Pro Ampoule Pad-M contains a set of disposable pads that are soaked in the ampoule. It is a moisturizing pack, containing amazing beneficial ingredients. Some star ingredients include Centella Asiatica Extract for soothing the skin, Snail Secretion Filtrate intensity moisturizes the skin, niacinamide for brightening the skin, and other nourishing natural extracts. Your skin feels instantly moisturized after using this product! 

ampoule vs serum

Another one is their I’m Pro Ampoule Pad-C. These disposable pads are soaked in a Vitamin C enriched ampoule. By having a high concentration of Vitamin C, this product will give radiance and brightness to the skin. 

The star ingredients in these pads include antioxidants of Vitamin C, Backhousia Citriodora Leaf Extract Oil moisturizes the skin, Phellinus Linteus Extract gives the skin a beautiful glow, and Santalum Album Oil nourishes the skin. This product will give you instant results, and brightens and moisturizes the skin right after using it. 


Check out more of Wish Formula’s ampoule products here


Final Thoughts 

Two girls applying the 7 skin method

Although serums and ampoules are very similar, they still are different products. But both have incredible benefits for the skin and can be used together. As for where to get these products, Korean skincare is definitely the way to go. Brands like Wish Formula have an amazing line of different beauty products that are great for any skin type. 

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