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The Ultimate Korean Sheet Masks

Sheet masks. An item that every skincare junkie keeps on hand. Not only are they an amazing way to get more nutrients and vitamins in your skin, but they are perfect for relaxing at the end of the day. The question is, which masks work best for your skin. Keep reading this article to check out the ultimate Korean sheet masks, and the amazing benefits each one has. 

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What Are Sheet Masks 

Sheet masks are a fabric sheet formed in a facial shape, that is soaked with a serum containing amazing benefits. Many people love them because they are convenient, easy to use, and contain beneficial nutrients that soak into your skin. They are so convenient, being the perfect skincare product to use when you are doing simple household chores, watching television, reading, or if you just want to sit down and relax. 


What made sheet masks incredibly popular is the well known 10 step Korean skincare routine. Just as this routine became popular around the world, as did sheet masks. Sheet masks are one of the steps. Many people use this routine because of the amazing benefits each step contains.  


People tend to enjoy skincare more because they create a routine, and it becomes a calming and relaxing routine to end your day. Self care is incredibly important and should not ignored, which is why many people are using this routine with Korean sheet masks. But since sheet masks are so convenient and are often used on their own, these masks have been able to build their own reputation. They are incredibly affordable, disposable, and help with great results.   


Read more about the 10 Step Korean Routine here.


But the idea of sheet masks are meant to nourish the skin, not exfoliate or cleanse it. This is why it is extremely important to use a sheet mask after cleansing or exfoliating the skin. We must remember that we cannot expect great results with one simple product alone

Having a routine with effective products along with the sheet masks together will provide amazing results. With the balance between skincare and pampering, sheet masks will help with great skin results.   


Why Use A Sheet Mask

Now since this is a leave on treatment, once you take off the mask, you can massage the remaining essence and nutrients into your face and neck. This will work the serum into your skin, and giving the ingredients to absorb into your skin even more. Not to mention the massage gives a calming sensation to the skin as well! What makes these masks different than others is the results.  


Sheet masks bring fast effects when it comes to supplementing the skin. By adding nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, it does not dry out the skin, like other paste on masks often do. Also the sheet used helps the serum soak more efficiently and faster into the skin because the material used is made to seal the skin. So you should make sure the mask is clinging into the skin, so you will get the maximum benefits.  


But it is also important to remember not to let the mask dry on your face like a clay mask. Only keep it on as long as the packaging instructions state. All you need to do is apply them on a clean face, leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes, depending on what the packaging directions say, take them off and you are done! 

The question is which sheet mask should I use? Sheet masks have become a world wide phenomenon, with many companies producing them all over the world. But Korean sheet masks are ultimately the best ones to use. 


How Korean Sheet Masks are the Best

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The great thing about Korean sheet masks is the variety! Korean skincare in general has a diverse amount of products pertaining to any skin type. Whether you have oily skin or dry, or combination, you can definitely find the right products for your skin type through Korean skincare. What’s amazing about Korean skincare is the value it is given. Skincare in Korea is considered a right and not a privilege.  


So their skincare industry heavily focuses on producing the best products at affordable prices and aesthetically pleasing packaging. They are also constantly researching new skincare ingredients to use on their new products and see the benefits it can provide. Korean skincare companies understand that at the end of the day, it is us and our skin. No matter how much makeup we use, we will be left with our skin the way it is, which is why they come out with amazing products to battle and prevent any skincare issues.  


Korean sheet masks are not only the ultimate masks, but since sheet masks were originated in Japan and South Korea, you know the quality of the products are high. Wish Formula is a renowned Korean skincare brand that has an amazing set of sheet masks.  With their face masks, you can basically have a spa like experience in the comfort of your own home and at a great price! 


Wish Formula Sheet Masks 

Joi Glow Serum Beauty Mask

One of their most popular masks is the Joi Glow Serum Beauty Mask. This jumbo mask gives you an instant glow and brightens the face. It has an incredible amount of serum and an even more amazing ingredients. Some star ingredients this product has are niacinimide and Pachyrhizus eros root extract, which are great for brightening the skin.  


The adenosine and rosa multiflora fruit extract give anti aging effects to the skin, and the beta glucan soothes the skin. As for moisturizing the skin, eriobotrya japonica leaf extract and dipropylene glycol are what give the instant glowy and moisturizing effect. This mask is perfect if you are dealing with dry, dull, and acne prone skin.  


Joi Ice Centella Beauty Pad


Another great mask Wish Formula has is the Joi Ice Centella Beauty Pad. Now, unlike the Glow Serum Mask, this one has multiple sheets. 

That is because you can actually use this mask on the face and the body. So you can receive benefits in multiple places. This moisturizing mask is great for cooling the skin, and is often said to be the great big ice moisturizing bomb!


As for the multiple sheets, one set is for applying the serum onto the skin. Then it is followed by the mask sheets which you layer on top of the essence. The skin results in being cooled instantly and you gain at least 35% more moisture in your skin!  


The star three ingredients are menthol which causes the cooling effect, the centella asiatica extract for calming and soothing the skin, and lastly panthenol is the key ingredient which brings moisturizer back into the skin.  

Joey Aloe Soothing Beauty Jumbo Mask

The last sheet mask is the Joey Aloe Soothing Beauty Jumbo Mask. Like the Ice Centella pad, this is a sheet mask set that can you use on the face and body, along with the same directions. This mask is perfect for dull and dry skin. It brings back the shine to the skin and gives you a more lively appearance as well.  


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract is one of the main ingredients in this mask. Aloe has an amazing number of benefits. From calming the skin to adding moisture to it, and even brightening it. This extract is also an incredibly gentle ingredient so its great for acne prone and sensitive skin. 

The moisturizing key ingredient is arginine and panthenol is for nourishing the skin. The great thing is that these masks have an excess of serum. So there are an incredible amount of nutrients and minerals going into the skin which will provide you with shiny and glowy skin. 


Final Thoughts 

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Sheet masks are incredible supplements to have in your skincare routine. They provide a relaxing component to your routine, and also have an incredible amount of benefits. As for Korean sheet masks, the ingredients used in these products are of the highest quality compared to any others. 

So if you want little pampering at the end of the day, sheet masks are definitely the way to go. They are easy, beneficial, and will leave you moisturized and satisfied. To learn more about Korean beauty and the latest skincare products, make sure to read our latest post.