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Minimalist Skincare Routine With Kbeauty

It’s nearing the second half of 2021 and a lot has changed. With a majority of us following the mandatory quarantine rules and spending our time inside, we’ve adapted to a new way of living. Many of us have changed our way of living and started prioritizing things better. Especially when it comes to how we spend our money. The pandemic affected many people financially and although a lot of people were able to recover, a minimalist lifestyle has become the new norm and so has a minimalist skincare routine. We were really able to open our eyes and realize that a lot of things are still achievable with the bare minimum.

Sometimes simple just works. And why complicate something if it already works just fine, right? For those who aren’t able to spend too much on a 10 step skincare regimen or just don’t want to have to deal with all those steps then we got something for you! The unique feature of Korean skin care is not just its convenience, but aslo the variety of different types of products available. So dont feel discouraged just yet! It’s still very possible to sustain a skincare routine.

So keep on reading to find out how you can keep a sustainable and minimalist skincare routine!

Assess Your Needs

The most important thing about starting any minimalist skincare routine is knowing the difference between what your skin needs and what you just want. Social media has its pros and cons, and one of those cons is making us believe we need to buy things we dont need at all. Don’t worry you are not alone here. Most of us have that one corner of shame with products/items that were impulse buys all thanks to that one video we saw on Tik Tok at 2am in the morning.

With that being said, without the influence of social media and other external factors, take a moment to assess the overall health of your skin. Make notes of your skin type and concerns you’re currently having and products that have worked well for you in the past. Once you’ve made your list then you can start choosing exactly what type of products you want to incorporate into your minimalist routine. It would also help to make another list of what your personal ideas of minimalism are since everyone’s ideas can be a bit different.

Here’s a list of skincare products to consider for a minimalist skincare routine!


1. Cleansers

minimalist skincare

The Wish Formula Enzyme Washing Powder. A powder-type product that cleanses the dead skin cells and sebum on the skin.

An important one that most likely cant be skipped. However, because of the different types of cleansers available from face oils to foam cleansers and so on. choosing one thats right for you is key since this one product is a must-have in anyone’s skincare cabinet.

2. Exfoliator

minimalist skincare

The Wish Formula Optima 7 Pad. A light exfoliating pad is gentle enough to be used every day without irritating the skin.

Although this isn’t a product for everyday use, it’s one that should be stored for weekly use. Not everyone needs a heavy-duty exfoliating product. And because it’s not meant for everyday use, finding one that is just right for your needs will avoid unwanted clutter and be a perfect pick-me-up type product.

3. Toner

Toner has primarily been used to prep the skin for what’s to come next. It helps remove products that might not have been picked up by the cleanser. The great thing about toners is that many of them are created to not only prep the skin for other products, but some even act as an essence or conditioning treatment. Thats like getting 2  products in one! So keep a key out when looking for a toner and find one that can double as another product.

4. Essense

Essense typically consists of a product that is highly concentrated. This means that the product can penetrate deeper into the skin to distribute those ingredients. This is great for people who might be struggling with problems such as having acne-prone skin and need that extra boost of treatment.

5. Moisturizer
minimalist skincare

The Wish Formula Biotox 20 Cream. This cream helps control fine lines and wrinkles. It can be applied around the eyes, smile lines, and neck to help with elasticity.

Think of this as the cap that will lock in all your hard work. Moisturizers come in many different forms and all have one main job, which is to seal in the moisture.

Now, these are just a list of the few most common products that are available. But the list continues and it’s also important to consider products such as treatments, sheet masks or face masks, eye creams, ampoules, and sunscreen ( but everyone should have some type of sun protection product incorporated into their routine).

Putting It All Together

Now for the fun part! Having a clear idea of what your skin needs will make choosing the right skin care products for a minimalist skincare routine an easier process. Remember try not to get whisked away by the influence of social media. Although it’s great too to pull resources from and watch reviews, stick to the list made. Remember, Korean beauty is all about caring for your skin, not having a drawer full of un-usable products. Caring for the skin takes time and money. It’s better to invest in one expensive product that works, vs five products that don’t.

A minimalist skin care routine is all about using the right products that work. If dry skin and dark circles are the problems, then using a trending 10K gold sheet mask might not help. If the goal is to achieve glass skin, then look for products that help with retaining moisture and brighten the skin!

Wish Formula

Korean beauty brand Wish Formula was curated to appeal to both its users and dermatologists. Its foundation is heavily reliant on cosmetic research resulting in products that satisfy both parties. The  Wish Formula brand is structured around fermentation science and natural raw ingredients that remove unnecessary and irritating toxins to create their products. Accessibility and convenience are important and you should be able to treat and care for your skin with a professional skincare system available to you.

Final Thoughts

So are you ready to upgrade your minimalist skincare routine with Kbeauty? Remember that keeping things simple and easy sometimes brings out the best results. Kbeauty is all about investing in the overall health of the skin. This is completely possible by choosing the right products that work. Wanna know why Korean skincare products are so popular? Check out our post here!