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Summer Skincare Tips for Your Skin Type

It’s finally summer here in Seoul! If your like us and not a big fan of the cold then this is the season we’ve been patiently waiting for. It’s the start of summer vacation for many people out there which also means the start of many outdoor activities out in the sun. And who doesn’t enjoy soaking in some sun at the beach with a nice cool beverage?

Although some of us can bask in the sun all day, our skin might not be enjoying all that sunshine too much and we might be neglecting a summer skincare routine.  Regardless of your skin type, the harsh summer sun can be a bit rough on our complexion. The prickly heat isn’t the only thing that can be harmful to us. We also need to be cautious of harmful UV rays that can cause some damage to the skin.

But don’t worry! Your summer months don’t need to be spent entirely indoors because of this. We have some great summer skincare tips for you and your skin type! Learn how to take care of your skin this summer and keep the summer glow all season long!

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Sensitive Skin

If your someone who deals with sensitive skin then you probably already have your sunscreen handy and ready to go this summer. Although sun protection is a MUST and should always be worn prior to going outside, this alone won’t help your skin remain flawless all summer long. After a long day outside and reapplying sunscreen every few hours, how you remove a long day’s worth of product is important.

An excessive build-up of products can lead to unwanted breakouts and clogged pores. Who wants that this summer? To avoid this problem those with sensitive skin should use a facial cleanser that can thoroughly remove product build-up. Cleansing sensitive skin can seem a bit tricky due to many ingredients in facial cleansers being too harsh for their skin type.

Also washing your face too much can be another contributing factor to unwanted skin irritation. So you can skip cleansing in the morning to help with this. But a great product to incorporate to combat this problem is micellar water.

Micellar water is a great skincare product that not only cleanses but also tones the skin too! Just add some product to a cotton pad and gently glide it across the face. Remove excess product, dirt, and oil, and will keep your sensitive skin happy this summer!

Dry Skin

Though the summers months tend to bring a much less dryer environment than winter, those who struggle with dry skin still have to deal with its stubbornness even in the warmer months. Retaining moisture is a common issue that those with dry skin deal with. And although it’s more humid during the summer, some people still deal with keeping their skin moisturized. If you notice that your products seem to not be working, then try incorporating exfoliation into your skincare routine.

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Exfoliating helps remove any dead skin cells that have difficulty being removed by normal cleansers. By removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, other products such as ampoules and moisturizers can penetrate better and finally do what they’re supposed to. Another great product to also add to your skincare routine is hydraulic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a must for those dealing with dry skin.

Since this product can absorb moisture remarkably, when applied to dry skin it can help reduce dryness. It can also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles!

Combination & Oily Skin

Those who have deal with oily combination skin tend to want to stray away from any sun protection products since they tend to leave behind a shiny appearance. But wearing sunscreen is CRUCIAL regardless of your skin type. To prevent any long-term sun damage on the skin, applying sunscreen is a must no matter what season it is. So how can you still be protected from the sun and not look greasy? Well, it’s simple actually! We understand how hot and humid it can be during the summer and the last thing we want is to apply layers of product. So switch up your summer skincare routine by using fewer products!

It’s not entirely necessary to be doing a 10-step skincare routine every day. Just like how our outfits change with the season, so should our skincare routine! Sticking with a few go-to and required products ( like sunscreen) is all you really need during this time of year. We’re not telling you to completely skip out on using toners, ampoules, and serums, but to adopt a simpler and lighter routine. Sometimes a good cleansing and moisturizer are all you need for a day out in the sun.

Use sunscreen throughout your day to keep your skin protected. You’ll notice a significant difference in how quickly your skin gets oily! It’s okay to use less sometimes and our skin will appreciate not being congested with too many products this blazing summer.

Final Thoughts

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Which summer skincare tip did you find the most helpful? Summer is the time to live freely and have some fun. We hope these tips will help keep your skin flawless and glowing throughout all your summer festivities! If your not too sure what exactly your skin type is then check out our post on skin types here!

Let us know down below what plans you have scheduled this summer and what summer skincare tips you going to use! And remember, dont forget to use sunscreen!