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Doing things in the comfort of our own homes has started to become the norm these days. Even though we're starting to see restrictions be lifted in many places around the world. Many of us have grown accustomed to at home DIYs. Although a spa experience is still well deserved and shouldn't be forgotten completely, it's still possible

When we think of youthful and luminous skin, it tends to get associated with how light the skin is. The misconception that plump and radiant skin derives from how light a person's skin is still strongly believed. This ideology of having white skin varies in different societies and although one does not outshine the other we should learn

For some of us, having dry skin is a year-round problem. regardless of the season and environment, some people struggle with symptoms such as itchy skin and dry patches on the face. In some cases, the effects of this skin type can be quite painful and cause cracks on the skin to form.  So how does this happen

The number of resources available on the internet is endless. From product reviews and recommendations to even informative information to help direct you to where to buy those so said products.  We at The Kbeauty blog have also similar content, like our 5 step Korean night routine. But how about content that helps you start your Korean skincare

If you've been locked up all throughout quarantine then you might not have noticed all the snow melting yet. It's finally that time of year where the school year is almost over for those of you living in North America and you can finally take a well-deserved break. If you didn't already, check out our last post on