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Difference Between Skin Whitening and Brightening

When we think of youthful and luminous skin, it tends to get associated with how light the skin is. The misconception that plump and radiant skin derives from how light a person’s skin is still strongly believed. This ideology of having white skin varies in different societies and although one does not outshine the other we should learn how standards are set in place in different parts of the world. And how they have influenced currents beauty and skincare trends. 

There is a big difference between skin whitening and brightening. And if your new to Kbeauty or just new to using skincare products in general then knowing the difference between the two is very important.

Korean Beauty Aesthetic

 Korea has been influenced a lot by western commodities. We see this in fashion, the introduction of Sephora, and even waist trainers.  However, its beauty standard still adheres strongly to its original roots: natural and pure. These characteristics of Korean beauty runs as far back as traditional times. And are still strongly sought out in current times through cosmetics and plastic surgery. And plays such a significant role in Korean aesthetics. 

Traditionally, the paler the skin meant you had a less strenuous way of living as most of your time was spent inside. While on the other hand those who worked labor jobs were tanned due to working outside. Also, it is said that for Asian skin, pigmentation is the first sign of aging vs the typical signs most would consider such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Some of these aesthetics include : 

  • Pale white skin
  • straight and thick brows
  • naturally pink lips

Skin Whitening

One of the big differences between skin whitening and brightening is that whitening can completely change skin color. The best way to describe this is by imagining that you use a level 1 foundation one day, then change to a level 5 or 6 the next. Although the results are not this instantaneous, the jump of skin tone is at times this extreme. It can be quite a strong strong treatment, due to its ability to strip the skin of melanin.

Melanin plays a major role in creating the pigments for our hair and skin. What’s so unique about melanin is that it is a natural pigment in our skin cells that our bodies create. Similar to skin lightening creams or other skin lightening products, skin whitening products are stronger versions of lightening products. They at times can contain dangerous ingredients that can cause harmful long-term side effects.

The option to receive surgery or injections to whiten the skin is also available, however, the results may vary and may not last without it being done consistently. The body will typically continue to produce melanin and the skin may revert back to its original skin tone.

Skin Brightening

Many people who’ve been working or going to school from home, probably haven’t seen that much sun in a while. On top of not seeing some sunshine, sometimes having neglected a proper skincare regime results in a build-up of dead skin. This will give the appearance of dull and in extreme cases, zombie-like skin. The overall health of your skin plays a significant role in how radiant it will appear.

Sometimes all we need is an exfoliation and some good products. Regularly exfoliating with products that contain ingredients like alpha hydroxy acid helps remove all the build-up on the surface of the face. And finishing off with products that have vitamin c and other antioxidants can help brighten your face back to life.

If you’re struggling with dark spots, age spots, or even acne scarring, then this is a safe alternative to help combat any discoloration you might be struggling with. Since these types of skin types tend to have sensitive skin, using whitening products that completely strip the skin of pigmentation will be threatening to the skin.

Korean Skin Brightening Products

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Final Thoughts

It’s important to understand the differences between skin whitening and brightening. Achieving luminous and glowy skin doesn’t have to involve the harsh treatment that comes with whitening. Brightening products can give you that beautiful glow from within without the harsh effects. To read more about skin brightening products, click here to learn more about the best skincare brightening ingredients!