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The Best Skincare Brightening Ingredients

Have you ever had trouble dealing with dull skin or hyperpigmentation? Though there are a variety of products that can help with the skin, it is always important to look at their ingredients. Especially when it comes to topics such as skin brightening, you want the best ingredients that won’t cause any side effects from long term use. Continue reading to see the best and most effective skincare brightening ingredients, and which products you can find them in.   


Why Ingredients are Important  


Unlike makeup which you take off at the end of the day, skincare stays on the skin and is meant to treat the skin itself. The products we use seep into the skin and are meant to repair our skin barrier and assist with skin regeneration. Different products treat different problems. Since products go deep into the skin, we must be looking at the skincare ingredients. 


Depending on what is in the products will show the given effects on your face. The ingredients can have great benefits to the skin or they can have detrimental side effects. It’s all about the sensitivity of your skin, and how safe the ingredients are. 

Ingredients for Skin Brightening

When it comes to skin brightening, it is crucial to look at the ingredients. Some products that are used to whiten the skin have harmful and dangerous chemicals which can cause long term effects on the face and body. For instance, many people use certain skin whitening creams that contain mercury.  


The beaching of this ingredient in your skin can cause mercury poising, putting the health of your body in danger. But the scarier issue is that many of those products don’t come with ingredients or health implications on the label. This is why you should always read the ingredients in the products you use. Especially for something like skin brightening. 


Skin brightening is something many people go through, whether it be from dark spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or just dull skin. We all deal with the aftermath of these issues and want products that will help brighten the spots and complexion. Not only will it result in healthy and shiny looking skin, but also helps with your confidence.  


Even though we all want the end result, it can be quite a journey to get there. Especially when trying to figure out which products are best and why they are to steer clear from the bad ones. There are three certain skin care brightening ingredients you should always look for when searching for the right products: 

  • Vitamin C 
  • Niacinamide 
  • Licorice Extract

Best Skincare Brightening Ingredients 

Vitamin C 

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 Vitamin C is a vitamin that the body does not produce, instead, we get it through either our diet or supplements. This nutrient is essential in tissue repair and for the production of enzymes through different transmitters in the body. Along with the oral benefits, the topical benefits in the skin are twenty times more potent!  


As a skincare brightening ingredient, it promotes collagen production which thickens the dermis and fades fine lines. By increasing your collagen level, you can prevent skin sagging and have elastic and firm skin. Vitamin C is essential for firm and youthful skin because it is an antioxidant properties that protects the skin cells from damaging free radicals. Free radicals are skin molecules that are caused by UV rays which result in premature aging.  


But Vitamin C also hinders melanin production in the skin. So it helps lighten age spots, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and reduces the appearance of dark circles. Moreover, this ingredient hydrates the face as well because it decreases water loss and aids in healthy cell turnover through protection from sun damage. 


Now niacinamide is an active form of Vitamin B3. It is a water soluble vitamin.  This means it will not dissolve in oil and is found in water based serums. Niacinamide is a stable active ingredient that you don’t need to ingest, but reap the benefits through the skin straight away. 


There are several benefits, from also fighting free radicals, to reducing wrinkles,  redness, and dryness in the skin. Niacinamide also protects the skin from UV rays by strengthening the skin barrier and shrinking our pores to maintain smooth skin texture. This is because niacinamide can reduce sebum and oil production in the skin, so our pores aren’t looking large with sebum and dead skin. 

For the skin barrier, niacinamide reduces water loss in the skin and promotes moisture which results in a stronger skin barrier. Niacinamide has also been proven to fade hyperpigmentation and acne scars. Even if you have active acne, niacinamide antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties which are great in treating the acne and lightening dark spots.    


Niacinamide is a great skincare brightening ingredient and is great for hydration! Although you cannot mix it with Vitamin C, the next ingredient is one that is commonly used with either Vitamin C or niacinamide. 


Licorice Extract 

People use it for years as a natural remedy for brightening the skin. Licorice root has two ingredients that are key in brightening the skin.   

The ingredients are glabridin and liquiritin. Glabridin retains the enzyme tyrosinase which produces melanin to cause pigmentation and dark spots. Liquiritin helps to break up and remove melanin and pigmentation in the skin.  


Besides dark spots, licorice extract also helps with the redness in your skin and evening out your skin tone and texture. It promotes firmness in the skin and regulates the production of oil in the skin.  


Though it takes a few days, it has no side effects and you can feel its soothing effect at the first application. Licorice extract is also a winning duo when used with either niacinamide or Vitamin C. The results together are great and give you a bright and beautiful complexion. 


Now that we know which ingredients to look for, where do we find the products with them in it?  


Korean Skincare 

 Korean skincare has been taking the world by storm. From their innovative technology used to test ingredients and create their products, to the popular 10 step routine. 


Many people are using Korean skincare because of their vast amount of products that are specific to their needs, and have multiple options from dry to oil and combination skin. Not to mention their gentle formulas and incredibly beneficial ingredients for the skin. But one of the best parts of Korean skincare is the price. 


 Korean skincare is not considered a luxury but a need, so the products are all at a reasonable price for the average customer. It’s a great way to get started getting into skincare, and you don’t even need to do the whole 10 step routine. The new innovative twist that is gaining traction is The 7 Skin Method. K-beauty is known for its skincare brightening ingredients and other ingredients that have many benefits. 


Now for specifically skin brightening products, Wishformula has a great set of products that can give you bright clear skin. 


Korean Skin Brightening Products  



One is the Impro Ampoule Pad-C. This contains Vitamin C which will give you radiant skin. This product also has phellinus linteus extract which is a special ingredient that will also give you that glowy and dewy look on the skin. 

Serums and Creams

As for serums, they have two which are great for skin brightening. The first is the Fermented Active Serum M Plus. This one contains a combination of niacinamide and castor oil. Use this product after cleansing the skin and you will have wrinkle free and bright skin. 

The second serum is the C 15 Serum is a great skin brightening serum. It has a combination of a high concentration of Vitamin C and licorice extract. This is a great alternative to the fermented active serum, and can also be used after cleansing the skin. 

The fourth product is a night cream for skin brightening. It is the Deepigma 7 Alpha Cream. This cream has niacinamide and is really good for blemishes and pigmentation. The perfect product to pair this one with is the fermented active serum M plus. 

Skin Brightening Masks


As for masks, there are three that have immense brightening benefits. The first is the Joi Glow Serum Beauty Jumbo Mask. This product has niacinamide and Pachyrhizus erosus root extract. This root extract also has great brightening properties, so this mask overall will give you bright and moisturized skin. 

The second mask is the Day Day 365 All in One boosting pad mask. It is an incredible pad that has the benefits of exfoliation, skin, lotion, serum, essence all at once. This product brightens the skin through niacinamide.

It also has AHA for the exfoliating aspects of the skin through cell revitalizing. It gets rid of the dead skin cells and gives you healthy skin. As for the glowy effect, this product uses rosa centifolia extract, which gives the user hydrated and dewy skin.

As for the last product and mask, it is the Panda Eye Mask. This mask is for the under eyes and results in anti wrinkle and aging under eyes. Vitamin C is the main ingredient and is used licorice extract, and fermented honey. Together these ingredients give you firm and bright under eyes.  


Final Thoughts 

Overall, it is very important to look out for the right ingredients for your skin’s needs. When it comes to skin brightening ingredients, you should read for the four ingredients stated above. As for Korean skincare, they have the best products with not only an incredible list of ingredients but at a reasonable price. These products are a great way to start getting into skincare, and make the whole process fun and relaxing. 

To learn more about K-beauty and the latest skincare products, make sure to read our latest post.