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Korean Beauty Trends: The 7 Skin Method

The world of Korean skincare is full of new exciting trends to improve your skincare routine. From the 10-step regiment to innovative ingredient formulas, Korean skincare has a lot to offer. The 7 Skin Method is one of the latest trends shaking up the beauty world. Continue to read and find out how to benefit from this trend!

K-Beauty Trends 101: What is the 7 Skin Method?

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With Korean beauty reaching mainstream media in the past few years, new exciting skincare trends have started to emerge. The most popular one is the 10-step skincare routine. Nevertheless, more K-beauty trends have also begun to surface the internet and become viral hits.

The 7 Skin Method is no exception, and it has reached peak interest in the past year. But what is it?

The 7 Skin Method Explained

In short, the 7 Skin Method is an exciting K-beauty trend that brings an innovative twist to the application of skincare. It consists of providing deep moisture to the skin by applying toner or essence multiple times. But does it work?

The theory behind this trend lies in the fact that the application of extensive skincare steps don’t allow product to be effectively absorbed into the skin. This is exceptionally true when it comes to the layering of heavy products such as rich serums and sheet masks that end up just sitting on the face.

The 7 Skin Method in this sense, solves this problem. Not only by providing more moisture to the skin. But by simplifying overly complex skincare routines. How?

The lightweight formulas of toners and essence allow the skin to absorb the product ingredients easily, spreading intense moisture to the deepest layers of the skin. Such hydrating powers leave the skin moisturized, glowing and shining from within, discrediting in this sense the need for other products and steps in your skincare routine.

Application Process 101

The 7 Skin Method derives from applying 7 layers of toner or essence to the skin. However, as different skin types require different levels of moisture, many experts recommend a variation of 3 to 7 layers as the optimal quantities for best results.

The application itself is extremely simple:

  1. After cleansing the face, apply the first layer of toner/essence with a cotton pad or your hands.
  2. Nextly, repeat the application 2 to 6 more times to properly hydrate the dermis.
  3. Afterward, follow up with a moisturizer to seal all the layers of moisture in your skin.

To achieve successful results, make sure to use the correct products and quantities. In this sense, always opt for thin layers of a hydrating toner/essence to deeply nurture and hydrate your skin! And say no to any products with cleansing, drying, or exfoliating properties!

Benefits of the 7 Skin Method

Two girls applying the 7 skin method

Like mentioned before, one of the benefits of the 7 Skin Method is that it highly hydrates the skin. In other words, how the layering of lightweight formulas such as toners and essences, allow product to deeply penetrate the dermis. This leads moisture to reach the deepest layers of the skin providing more shine and radiance to the complexion.

Another positive aspect of the 7 Skin Method is that is can be applied to all skin types. For instance, it mostly benefits dehydrated skin types,  dry skin, or oily skin types. Still, sensitive skin types can also benefit from the pure nurturing results of this technique!

Final Thoughts

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Overall, the 7 Skin Method is a promising beauty secret to try! The simplicity of the application process allows us to cut down on many steps in our skin care routine, plus provide the needed hydration that our skin craves.

To fully achieve positive results it is crucial to use the correct products and quantities. In this sense, stay away from products that cater to cleansing or exfoliate the skin and use thin layers of toners or essences with hydrating ingredients.

Just like any other trend, the 7 Skin Method doesn’t promise a quick fix to perfect skin. However, with perseverance, it is a wonderful trick to achieve both healthy and glowy skin.

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