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How to Start Your Korean Skincare Routine

The number of resources available on the internet is endless. From product reviews and recommendations to even informative information to help direct you to where to buy those so said products.  We at The Kbeauty blog have also similar content, like our 5 step Korean night routine. But how about content that helps you start your Korean skincare routine?

Have you ever heard the saying, ” starting is tough, but the rest will be easy”.  Starting anything is almost the most difficult task, but once you get that kick start then getting the hang of a routine will come naturally. Starting a Korean skincare routine can seems a bit overwhelming at first. With the amount of information online about products and brands it’s difficult to choose exactly what might work best. If you a fellow Kbeauty enthusiast and have been following brands for a while, then I’m sure you also understand how confusing it could be at first when entering the world of Kbeauty.

It’s exciting to see the beautiful and high-quality results of reasonably priced products that give users radiant and flawless skin. This is what initially grabs the attention of new Kbeauty enthusiasts. However, the next big question is how to start? Being aware of brands and new Korean beauty products is one thing, but creating your own Korean skincare routine is another problem. But don’t worry we’ve got you covered and will help any new beauty enthusiast start a Korean skin care routine.

Know your Skin Type

It’s crucial before starting any type of skincare routine that you understand what your skin type and skin concerns are. As exciting as it might sound to just go ahead and start a 10 step Korean skincare routine, using all those products with no actual reasoning behind them might be a waste of your time and money. This doesn’t have to involve a trip to a dermatologist or a specialist, just a bit of your time. The best way to fully grasp and be aware of your skin type is to start by writing down a list of concerns you currently have with your skin. Is it too dry in certain areas? Are you having frequent breakouts randomly? Noting all these concerns down is a great first step when preparing to start any routine.

Once you know your concerns, then finding products that can help with those concerns will be easy! It’s like online shopping. If we’re looking for black shoes then we can click to only see that option on the side menu then only be shown black shoes.  Someone who has sensitive reactive skin might want to stay clear of products like chemical exfoliates, but gravitate toward generally more natural face exfoliates. Knowing your skin type will save you the disappointment of accidentally buying a cream for fine lines and wrinkles when you in your teens and concerned about dry skin.

What is your Goal

Whenever we typically start anything we also have an end goal in mind as well. Like with starting a new diet. Weight loss or even a healthier lifestyle might be the end goal of starting a new diet. When starting a Korean skincare routine having a goal in mind will help keep you motivated and consistent with the new routine, resulting in healthy skin! This is not discouraging you to go out there and try new products. It’s only human to want to go out and try something that’s being highly talked about wherever we go on social media. For example, a new face and body product that might be launched soon **hint.

So go ahead and incorporate that new sheet mask you saw online, or try that oil-based cleanser that’s been in your shopping cart for over a month. Just because it might not exactly fit with the concerns we mentioned earlier if you think a product will help you achieve your goal of having flawless skin, then go for it! When you understand your skin concerns and have a skin goal that you want to achieve, it makes trying new products much more fun and exciting.

Dont Rush the Process

Social media is a beautiful yet overwhelming platform. As much as I enjoy spending hours watching skincare gurus and their mountain of products, don’t think that you need drawers of products to get beautiful and healthy skin. After finding out your skin type and concerns and end goal, don’t rush to buy 30 or so products. This will only leave you feeling overwhelmed ( yet again) and short on Saturday night pizza money. Do a little bit of research on products can save you so much time and money. For example, checking the active ingredients list of a product.

This will usually pinpoint you in the right direction to know if a product will help target your concerns. Need a new eye cream and have 3 to choose from? Check on product reviews to see which one best matches your needs. You might first start off with the basic 4 or 5 essentials ( maybe even less) but the important thing is that you started! slowly but surely your drawers will fill with more products and you’ll have a solid routine.

Tip From us


If you’re just starting out, then the thought of having 3 or more products and correctly using them can feel new and complicated. So we recommend trying products that have multiple functions. As cheesy as 2in1s sound, sometimes products like those are perfect for beginners. For example, the Day Day 365 All-in-One Boosting Pad Mask. This great product provides the same benefits as an essence, serum, and lotion all packed into convenient pads. It a great product to use for cleansing and moisturizing the skin without having to switch between products. Perfect for any beginner that is trying to start their Korean skincare routine.

Final Thoughts

If you’re already at the end of reading this post then congratulations! You’ve already started your journey to starting your Korean skincare routine. Remember, take the time to really understand your own skin’s needs. influencers and beauty content creators are great resources, but no one knows your skin like you do. With just a few simple steps you’ll have a solid routine down in no time and have a drawer full of products that work for you!

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