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Bodycare: Exfoliate Your Body at Home

If you’ve been locked up all throughout quarantine then you might not have noticed all the snow melting yet. It’s finally that time of year where the school year is almost over for those of you living in North America and you can finally take a well-deserved break. If you didn’t already, check out our last post on how to take care of your skin in spring! But today we’ll be talking about using a body exfoliator.

When we’re so busy with school and even work, some things just get forgotten about or neglected. And whys that? Well if we’re spending a large majority of our time inside and in front of a computer then what’s the point, right? Can you remember the last time you made a DIY face mask? Or treat yourself to an at-home mani-pedi? Or better yet, properly gave your body an exfoliating treatment?

I think many of us have been quite neglectful of a usual face and bodycare routine. But, we’re here to help get you back into your groove! And what’s the best part? This can all be done from the comfort of your own home!

Just like our face, our body deserves some TLC too. Using some type of body exfoliator once a week will help bring out a new layer of skin that feels soft and is absent of dirt and dead skin. In this post, we’ll go over some different ways you can exfoliate your body at home. You’ll learn about some convenient DIY body exfoliators that you can make yourself, and more!

Why You Should Exfoliate Your Body

Body Exfoliator

Removing dead skin and dirt, help prevent breakouts ( body acne is normal), helps unclog pores, letting other products work better, these are just a few benefits from a long list of other benefits of regular exfoliation. If you really think about it, most of us regularly exfoliate our faces at least twice a week. Am I right? Now be honest, how many exfoliating scrubs do you own? These are separate from normal face scrubs that can be used daily.

It’s impossible to not spot these scrubs at almost any store that sells skincare products. Any skincare junkie has incorporated some type of exfoliating product into their skincare routine. The main reason is because of the benefits that coming with regular exfoliating. The skin is typically left feeling new and radiant. Other skincare products are also able to penetrate deeper because that layer of makeup and dirt of been removed.

There are even options out there that offer chemical exfoliation treatments (done by a professional) that help your get results much more quickly. So if a majority of us take the time and effort to exfoliate our face to get these results, don’t you think we can also do the same for our body?

Our body is exposed to similar things such as sweat, oil, and dirt that can cause problems like body acne and dullness. Hair products like shampoo and conditioner are also guilty of sometimes causing unwanted skin problems that unfortunately a body wash alone can’t solve. So how do we treat this? Well, keep reading!

DIY Exfoliators

These types of exfoliators are probably the most convenient. Most of the ingredients to make an at-home exfoliator can already be found in most homes and takes only a few minutes to make!

Sugar Scrub Body Exfoliator

Body Exfoliator

As delicious as this sounds, a sugar scrub is packed with some great benefits. And what’s even better about a sugar scrub is that is sensitive skin-friendly! Some store products contain alpha hydroxy acid, which can cause some skin irritation and in the worst case skin discoloration.  A sugar scrub, more specifically with brown sugar is much gentler on the skin. All you need is brown sugar and your choice of oil, mix it all together and you got yourself a light exfoliator! You can follow the exact measurements below found on Healthline.

  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup oil of your choice, such as coconut, jojoba, olive, almond, or grapeseed
  • essential oils (optional)

Coffee Scrub Body Exfoliator

Nothing makes me smile like a freshly brewed batch of coffee in the morning. If your a regular night owl and need that cup or two in the morning, then your most likely left with coffee grounds. But instead of throwing those coffee grounds away, they can be used to make a great body scrub! Similar to a sugar scrub, a coffee scrub helps remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. But another added bonus of this type of DIY scrub is that it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite!

This scrub is also sensitive skin-friendly, however, for even better results try using a dry brush with this scrub. Before turning the shower on applying the coffee scrub and with a dry brush gently scrub parts of your body. Using a circular motion helps the product spread more evenly while the dry brush promotes blood circulation. This helps exfoliate dry skin before you even get into the shower and leaves your skin feeling soft and smelling great!

You can follow the exact measurements below found on Healthline.

  • 1/2 cup coffee grounds
  • 2 tbsp. hot water
  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil, warmed

Body Peeling Bubble Fairy

ucine beauty body peeling bubble fairy

The slight downside about DIY body exfoliating scrubs is that they could get a bit messy. And that’s completely understandable if that’s a deal-breaker for any skincare enthusiasts. So for our skincare lovers who aren’t a fan of DIY’s then we have a solution for you! The Ucine Beauty’s Body Peeling Bubble Fairy is a great gentle exfoliating alternative to DIY scrubs. The Bubble Fairy sponge deeply cleanses the body by eliminating dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of the skin. This sponge contains an ingredient list full of hypoallergenic elements such as AHA, vitamins A, C, E, and B5.  And what’s even better is that The Bubble Fairy sponge can leave the skin feeling smooth and moisturized up to 15 times. And yes, it’s sensitive skin-friendly so go ahead and test this body exfoliator!

Final Thoughts

Body Exfoliator

Life happens we can’t help but completely forget about things like a skin and body care routine. What’s great about some of the things mentioned in this week’s post is that you can make some of these exfoliating body scrubs with ingredients you already have at home. And if you not one for a  DIY exfoliator, then The Bubble Fairy sponge can be the next best body exfoliator to help make your skin feel smooth and new!

Our body deserves the same love and attention we give our face and these tips can start your new bodycare routine at home today!

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