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How to Get Glass Skin Through Korean Skincare

If you are into kbeauty, then you definitely have heard of the phenomenon of glass skin. This is a beauty trend that has become increasingly popular over the years. With everyone’s goal being clear and healthy skin, achieving glass skin is essentially the same as achieving those goals. Keep reading this article to learn more about what glass skin is and how you can achieve it! 

glass skin

What is Glass Skin 

The glass skin phenomenon has taken over social media and sending it to a frenzy the past few years. Glass skin is the appearance of dewy skin, and looks transparent, luminous, and clear. The skin looks smooth and dewy, giving you a glowy look. Glass skin originated from South Korea, with Korea creating and setting many of the new skincare trends, and glass skin being one of them. 


Now, people want to know what is the secret to having such lush and poreless looking skin. From changing up your skincare routine, your skin will go from looking dull to dewy and hydrated! What makes glass skin so interesting to people is not just the appearance, but it means your skin is at its healthiest. There are many factors to your skin appearing this way, so you cannot just rely on hydration to be the key factor.  


All aspects of the skin should be healthy in order for it to appear, translucent or glass-like. It is important to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle, as well as keeping a solid and consistent skincare regimen.  Skin results do not happen overnight, but with consistency and the right skincare products for your skin. When looking for the right products the number one place to go is Korean skincare. 


Why Choose Korean Skincare 

When we think of skincare now, Korean skincare is definitely the first type to come up. That is because Korean skincare is different than western skincare. Korean skincare has been a trendsetter for the whole skincare industry, with their innovative use of amazing ingredients at beneficial concentrations.  


So you will see results when using a product. But also their products include an inclusive range and variety, so whatever your skin type is, you will be able to find a Korean skincare brand that includes what you need. By constantly testing new ingredients and products, Korean skincare has been truly in its own league.  

But one of the biggest reasons why Korean skincare has gone global is the pricing of their products. The Korean skincare industry understand the importance and focus on having healthy skin, which is why they create affordable products for everyone!

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Skincare Routine For Glass Skin

glass skin

Now when it comes to using Korean skincare products for glass skin, there is a regime that should be used. Korean skincare is known for having different routines from the 10 step method to the shortened version, of 5 steps.  


Both of these work great for glass skin, and the 5 step method is perfect for those who do not have a lot of time. It may sound like a lot of steps, but once you get the hang of the routine and start doing it more often, it goes quite quickly. It also tends to become a relaxing and destressing routine for many of us skincare junkies! 


This easy routine simply consists of double cleansing the skin, following up with a toner and essence, then a serum, and lastly moisturizer! That is it. 


Read more about the 5 Step Routine here.  

Korean Products for Glass Skin 

There are many products and brands to choose from when looking for the right products to achieve glass skin, and we have a few of them here. The Wish Formula is a great Korean skincare brand that has a variety of innovative and unique skincare products, that are perfect for getting a dewy look.  

wish formula 33 bubble pad

When it comes to cleansing, the 33 Bubble Pad Sheets are a perfect option! This product actually is a double cleanser within itself, as it has cleansing, peeling, and moisturizing properties. It is gentle enough not to irritate the skin but is strong enough to remove any dirt, makeup, or excess oil on the skin. Then instead of leaving you dry, this cleansing agent leaves your skin feeling moisturized! This is because of the star ingredients it has. From Vitamin C to glycolic acid, dipropylene glycol, and natural extracts. Together these ingredients moisturize and nourish while providing the skin antioxidants, and promotes the creation of new cells in the skin. 

wish formula 33 ampoule pad

A product that is perfect to use after is the 33 Ampoule Pad Sheets. Now, this product also has a double effect, giving the same properties as an ampoule and lotion! After using your skin feels immediately moisturized and is glowing! The main ingredients in this one include Centella Asiatica extract, PHA, and snail secretion extract. These ingredients help soothe, moisturize, and nourish the skin, while also protecting the vitality of the skin.  


Final Thoughts 

glass skin

Glass skin is definitely possible to achieve! As long as you keep your mental and physical health balanced and invest in the right skincare products and use a good routine, you are guaranteed to see results. WishFormula’s products are a few examples of their range and Korean skincare companies range of unique and fresh skincare products! 


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