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Beginners Guide To Korean Skin Care

Korean skin care. Something that has become increasingly popular over the years. Now as a newcomer, it can be a bit overwhelming, trying to find what product is what, and which one to use. Keep reading to learn the beginners guide to Korean skin care.

Beginners Guide To Korean Skin Care

Why Does Everyone Like Korean Skin Care 

Now, as a beginner, it is very intriguing to find out the hype behind Korean skin care. It has taken not just western skincare, but the whole world by storm. With being trendsetters and constantly creating new products, are only a few reasons to name. From using incredible ingredients, to creating formulas for both face and body products at an affordable price! 

What makes Korean skin care different is how skin care is not considered a luxury but a fundamental right, so the companies formulate products that actually benefit the skin and price it so anyone can use the product. It’s one of the reasons why skincare is popular in Korea, and why everyone is serious about it, and rightfully so. At the end of the day our skin is what we have, and it is important to treat it and maintain it so it remains healthy and thriving as we age. 


More on the popularity of Korean Skincare 


Skin Care Guide 

Now Korean skincare can be a bit daunting as it is a whole new world, with a huge variety of products you can choose from. But don’t be scared, as there are a few tips you can follow so you can ease into the Korean skincare world.  


As for the first step of the beginners guide to Korean skincare, you should know what types of products you need for your skin. Korean skincare products aim or to address your skin concerns, so it is important to know what you want to start treating. A few examples could be oily, dry, or combination skin. Or to treat acne, acne scars and hyperpigmentation, age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, sun damage, and dullness in the skin. Once you know what issues you want to focus on, then you can narrow down which products to use.   


Beginner’s Steps

Beginners Guide To Korean Skin Care

When many of us think of Korean skincare, we jump straight to the 10 step method. But 10 steps can be a lot, especially for a beginner, or even for someone who doesn’t have enough time for all the steps both morning and evening. This is why to start off, only incorporate a few of the steps! 


For instance a few core steps we like beginners to focus on from the 10 step method are:


  • Cleansing 
  • Toner  
  • SPF 

This cuts the 10 step routine down by over half, but you will still get amazing results from switching for these products from your original routine. Now remember, it is important to add each step and product one at a time to your routine. You don’t want to shock your skin with a bunch of new products, so choose the one that you find you can fit into your lifestyle the easiest. 


Cleansing and Toner

Personally I would start with finding the right cleansers for your skin. This is so your skin is not only familiar with the cleanser, but once you start introducing topical treatments to the skin, your face is cleansed and ready to go. From then you can go onto toner, which is great for prepping the skin for the serum based treatments you want to use. When cleansing you don’t really need anything that targets specific areas, since that is what serums are for. So you want gentle but effective cleansers that will remove all the dirt and oil you produce throughout the day. Serums and essences are something you can get after adjusting to your cleaners and toners, and once you get more comfortable with your Korean skincare routine.  



As for SPF, there is no point of doing routine at all if you don’t use SPF. Sunblock is vital for the morning because it is the final layer of protection. It not only helps protect you from UV rays but also fights wrinkles and fine lines, prevents age spots and the darkening of scars on the face. SPF should be worn on a regular basis (and even if you are staying indoors) and be reapplied throughout the day.   


Beginner’s Guide to Korean Skin Care Products 

Now one thing to remember is to introduce one product to your skin at a time. As exciting as it is to buy new products and use all of them at once, your skin will have a reaction. You won’t know which product is causing it, which is why you should introduce one at a time. So don’t forget to start slow, and be patient with your skin. 


As for which products, the Wish Formula has products that are perfect for beginners guide to Korean skin care! 

wish formula 33 bubble pad

A cleanser that we love and is perfect for a beginner to Korean skin care is the 33 Bubble Pads. This cleanser is strong enough to remove all the dirt and oil we produce throughout the day as well as makeup. Yet is also gentle enough formula not to irritate the skin for first time users. It utilizes ingredients that will brighten and soften your skin, but most importantly moisturize it. Sometimes after using a cleanser our skin can feel tight and dry, but this one leaves the skin feeling moisturized and full of elasticity! 

wish formula day day 365 pads

Once your skin is adjusted to the cleanser, you can start looking for the right toner, and the Day Day 365 mask pads are a great option. This product is actually very innovative in the sense that it can act as a toner, essence, and moisturizer all in one. The pads are full of beneficial ingredients that are able to penetrate into the skin and give you all of its amazing nutrients. Since this product has properties of different steps, it makes the idea of layering less and your face will feel light and not heavy. In the morning you only need to cleanse, apply this product, and your SPF and you are good to go! 


Final Thoughts 

Beginners Guide To Korean Skin Care

Korean skincare is a huge game changer when it comes to addressing skin concerns. But it is important to be patient with your products and steps, especially for a beginner. If you use this Beginners Guide To Korean Skin Care patiently then you will definitely see results.

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