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The Perfect Kbeauty Gift: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Are you still deliberating on that perfect gift to give to your significant other? Here, at The Kbeauty Blog, we have you covered. Here are our Top 5 Kbeauty gifts for you, her, him, or them.


Gift Option #1: Joi Glow Serum Beauty Mask Jumbo

Packed with skin revitalizing ingredients such as niacinamide for brightening, adenosine for anti-wrinkling, beta-glucan for soothing, and dipropylene glycol for moisturizing, the Joi Glow Serum Beauty Mask gives you that stunning radiance that is sure to make you dazzle during your candlelight dinner.

Praised by celebrities and Kbeauty specialists on national Korean television, this product is simple and powerful. To use, after cleansing, carefully remove a sheet from the tub and drape it across the skin. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and gently tap the residual serum into the skin. To go one step further, squeeze the rest of the serum out and apply it to your body. Finally, follow-up with a good moisturizer to lock in all the hydration. Now, you ready to leave with glowing skin or begin applying your makeup.

To read more about sheet masks, make sure to check out “The Ultimate Korean Sheet Masks” blog post.

Gift Option #2: Bat Eye Honey Fermentation Essence Mask

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Shaped like a bat, the Kbeauty Bat Eye Honey Fermentation Essence Mask is perfect for skincare enthusiasts and newbies alike. Resting under the eyes and nose, this under eye mask is infused with adenosine for wrinkle care, fermented extract complex-3 for nourishment, ascorbic acid for brightening, and honey ferment filtrate for moisture.

Moreover, as this is a no-rinse mask, no need to worry about clean-up. In fact, you can unwind with some wine and your favorite movie while pampering your skin. After 10-20 minutes simply remove the bat, tap in the extra essence, apply moisturizer, and you’re finished. Additionally, given that the mask does have a unique shape, this sheet mask is a great photo shot to store for the memories or to post on social media.

Gift Option #3: Fermented Hydra Ceramide Lotion

Next, we have the perfect Kbeauty gift for two. It is Wish Formula’s Fermented Hydra Ceramide Lotion. Infused with nutritious fermented extracts, madecassoside and ceramide active ingredients that moisturize the skin, this body lotion will leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated. Moreover, since each bottle is around 500g, there is ample amount of product to share with your significant other.

To use this Korean beauty product, simply apply and rub onto clean skin. For a refreshing experience, you can incorporate a massage routine as well.

Today, the average individual spends about eight hours a day looking down at the computer screen, resulting in neck, shoulder, and back pain. Fortunately, by simply taking a few minutes to roll out the knots each night, circulation drastically increases, posture improves, and the likelihood of injury declines. 

Gift Option #4: I’m Pro Ampoule Pad

With their easy application, the I’m Pro Ampoule Pads are a great way to finally convince those skincare resistant individuals to start a skincare regimen. 

Requiring only a delicate sweep of the skin after cleanser, the I’m Pro Ampoule Pads are convenient and beneficial. Packed with ingredients like centella asiatica extract, snail secretion filtrate, niacinamide, and many more natural extracts, this Kbeauty gift is guaranteed to brighten and moisturize.

To use, thoroughly cleanse the skin and rebalance the skin’s pH with a toner compatible for your skin type. After, gently swipe the skin and tap in the remaining ingredients. Finally, follow-up with a good moisturizer and sunscreen if worn during the day. 

Gift Option #5: Black Head & Black Mask Home Spa Kit

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If you are squeamish or are not at a comfortable level with your significant other, I would probably skip this next Kbeauty gift, the Black Head & Black Mask Home Spa Kit. Equipped with all the necessary goods for an at home black head removal session, this kit is sure to bring you and your loved one to the next stages of your relationship.

With only three steps, this kit is melts away all the impurities in your pores without any painful squeezing. To use, apply the mask on your nose or chin areas for about 10-15 minutes. After, remove the sheets and begin gently rubbing the blackheads with the black q-tip included in the kit. If done correctly, the blackheads and impurities should rub off with no scrubbing. Finally, rinse, pat dry, and finish up with the pore tightening serum.

Although a little odd, I imagine sharing laughs with my significant other while comparing the masses of our respective q-tips. Knowing that my partner is willing to accept all my faults and flaws always makes my heart flutter, and what better way to test it than by showing each other the dirt on your nose and chin?

Final Thoughts

I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones have a wonderful time this Valentine’s Day. Life may not have been the best as of late, but hopefully with these activities and Kbeauty gift ideas, you will at least have some time unwind with your special someone.

As the COVID-19 pandemic remains a global issue, I also want to remind you to stay safe while traveling this Valentine’s Day season. Remember to:

  1. Stay at least 6 feet apart from others
  2. Always wear your mask in a public area
  3. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds

To learn more about K-beauty and the latest skincare products, make sure to read our last post.