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toner vs. essence

Toner vs. Essence: What’s the Difference


Over the past few years, skincare has become increasingly popular. Everyone wants to invest in skincare and buy new and cool products. We love layering different types of skin care as part of our fun routine. But if you are new to skincare, then it can be a bit confusing, as there are a lot of different types of products. For example, two steps people love to have in their skincare routine are the essence and a toner. The question is what are the benefits of a toner vs. an essence, and are they both necessary in a skincare routine? Keep reading this article to find out!  

toner vs. essence

What is a Toner 

A toner is a product that most skincare junkies use, but many people who are not too familiar with skincare probably do not have one. Now a toner has many benefits to the face, it can in fact be called a “skincare weapon”! Toner’s come in a water-based liquid that has an infusion of skin soothing and nutrient-based ingredients.  


Depending on the ingredients, they can be formulated for specific skin types. Without stripping our skin with its essential and natural moisture, toner gently refreshes our skin and does not cause any extra dryness or irritation to the skin. 

Toner is the first step when applying products to the skin. You apply it to the skin after cleansing. This is because a good toner will not only soak into the skin but will prepare the skin to absorb any other products you apply. So your face won’t feel too heavy with a lot of serums and moisturizers.  


Why Use A Toner


Now a toner has an incredible amount of benefits. When applying a toner, you can use a cotton pad, and it will remove any traces of leftover dirt and grime after washing your face. If used regularly, a toner can really change your skin’s appearance. It can make your pores appear smaller and tighter, which really helps with aging skin.  


But toner even improves the appearance of our skin tone, with dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and more, by smoothing the skin and restoring our pH levels. With our skin having natural acidity to it, we also have a fixed pH level. But when using certain cleansing products, they can really affect the pH balance in our skin. This causes our skin to work overtime to restore our normal levels. But with toner, the balance can restore faster.  


Toner is a great skin prepper and is for all skin types. Especially for those who have oily skin, acne-prone skin, or wear makeup! Toner goes the extra mile of really cleaning out the pores and certain ones can help keep the oil production in check. 

It not only helps other products sink into the skin but adds a layer of protection from external factors. Toner’s are a great product for everyone, they are lightweight and refreshing to the skin. Now, that we know the benefits of a toner, the next question is the toner vs. essence and their difference! 

What is an Essence 

An essence is actually an incredible and essential step to any skin care routine. If you are interested in Kbeauty, then you are definitely familiar with essence. Essence originated in Korean skincare and has crossed over to the western skincare industry as well. Now essences are treated like serums, but they are thinner and water-based. Since they are a thin product, then you would use it before any other serums, but after your toner.  


This is because you work your way up from thinnest to thickest products for your face. The use of an essence has been on the rise with the different Kbeauty trends going around from the 10-step method to the 7 skin method.  But the right essence can provide amazing results for the skin!  


Essences have similar benefits to serum or ampoule products, but because they are even more lightweight, they can seep into the skin more. This is because essences target areas of the skin and treat them on a molecular level! Essences have elements that hydrate and rebalance the skin and actives which treat and protect our skin barrier.  


Depending on the formula, an essence can treat skin issues from dullness to fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and uneven skin tones! Most essences contain actives which help with promoting the growth of new skin cells, so if you use it regularly, your skin will become smoother and brighter. 

With continual use, your skin will definitely look more youthful and glowy. Using alongside a toner, both products will not only provide you amazing results but also faster results since they both absorb and help other products absorb into the skin well.  


Toner Vs. Essence

toner vs. essence

Now that we know what both of these products are, the question is do you need both. The truth is that either is great in a routine! But together, these two products are perfect for layering and locking in the benefits and nutrients of other products in the skin. 

One can say that toner is the last step of cleansing and essence is the first step of treatment for the skin. Instead of thinking a toner vs. essence, think more of them together. Though they are lightweight and can be used interchangeably, both a toner and essence together are a strong duo.  


But finding a great toner and essence can be difficult, especially ones that can work well together. Wishformula is a leading Korean skincare and beauty brand that has a variety of different innovative skincare products, including toners and essences.    


WishFormula: Toner and Essence 

One of their best toners is the Fermented Hydra Essential Toner. What we love about this toner is that it is incredibly gentle on the skin and great for all skin types! From dry skin, to sensitive skin, this product will be gntle enough for you! So it reduces any chance of irritation to the skin. What also makes this a star product is the fermented ingredients.  


The fermentation of the ingredients neutralizes them, which makes them safer and more effective for the skin. This product itself is great for protecting and repairing the skin barrier, and is so lightweight, that layering other products on top doesn’t feel heavy at all! 


Read more about fermented ingredients here

wish formula 33 ampoule pad

As for essence, the 33 Ampoule Pad Sheets are great to use right after the toner! The amazing thing about these pads is the hydrating essence they are soaked in gives the benefits of an essence, ampoule, and moisturizer! But since it is also very lightweight, it seeps into the skin quickly and easily.  


Some star ingredients include Centella Asiatica Extract for soothing the skin, snail secretion filtrate for skin rejuvenation, PHA, and natural extract for moisturizing and nourishing the skin. It is super easy to use and is perfect for daily use as well! This product eliminates the need for adding multiple serums since it contains all the benefits in itself! 


Final Thoughts

toner vs. essence

Skincare is a huge world and has an amazing variety of products. Some may not seem necessary and can be confusing at times as well. With toner vs. essence, it is hard to know which one is which and if they are both necessary in a routine. But each has its own individual benefits, and even more when used together. The Wishformula’s products are great examples of that! 


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