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Best Korean Exfoliating Pads for Radiant Skin

Tired of having dull and textured skin? We have the solution for you. Exfoliating pads are a great answer to eliminate dead skin and brighten the overall complexion. Korean cosmetic brands like Wish Formula hold some of the best exfoliating pads in the market, with both innovative and effective results. Stay tuned and find out why you should get them!

What is Exfoliation? Why it Matters?


Before going into the reasons as to why you should try Wish Formula’s exfoliating pads. It is important to establish what exfoliation is and why it matters.

Starting with what exfoliation is. Exfoliation represents the process of removing dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin. And can happen through chemical or physical exfoliation techniques.

In regards as to why exfoliation matters. Exfoliation fastens the turnover of skin cells in the body. According to Dermstore, this is important as every month dead skin cells accumulate in the outer layer of the skin where they will naturally shed in the next 2 to 4 weeks. Exfoliation allows this process to be accelerated, leaving skin cells to regenerate faster; and skin to appear less dry, textured and clogged.

Overall exfoliation offers benefits to all skin types. In the following section we present 7 reasons why you should exfoliate.

7 Reasons to Exfoliate


Exfoliation can provide many benefits to the skin. Here are 7 reasons as to why you should exfoliate:

  • Baby Smooth Skin
  • Unclogged & Refined Pores
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Anti-Aging Effects
  • Acne Prevention
  • Product Efficiency
  • Perfect Tan

1. Baby Smooth Skin

Regular exfoliation can refine the overall texture of your skin. The elimination of dead skin cells from the outer layer of the skin reduces the rough texture and dullness of the skin. Resulting in a more smooth and glowy complexion.

This is beneficial to all skin types and not just dry skin complexions. For instance, those experiencing textured skin due to mild acne scarring can benefit from regular exfoliation as it can helps fade scars into a more refined texture.

2. Unclogged & Refined Pores

Exfoliation offers a thorough cleanse to the face. It gets rid of the extra barriers of dead skin at the surface, as well as particles of dirt and makeup congesting and enlarging the pores. This provides a cleaner and fresher look to the skin, allowing pores to look smaller and less noticeable.

3. Even Skin Tone

Uneven skin tones are the product of hyperpigmentation in skin. Hyperpigmentation happens when skin cells produce excessive melanin. This creates the appearance of dark spots or dark patches in the skin, showcasing the look of an uneven skin tone. However, exfoliation can solve that.

The regular habit of exfoliating will allow the over pigmented cells to turnover more quickly, fading the appearance of hyperpigmentation signs. As a result, dark spots are lightened and skin looks more even and bright.

4. Anti-Aging Effects

With age, skin cell turnover slows down. This means skin cells regenerate more slowly, prolonging the natural shedding process of the skin as well. As a result skin loses elasticity and become drier, amplifying the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Regular exfoliation helps fasten the turnover of skin cells and stimulates blood circulation. This helps skin remain tone and pump from any signs of aging.

5. Acne Prevention

Sebum is oil naturally produced by the body. It serves as lubricant for the hair and skin and provides protection against dehydration and other external factors. High levels of sebum production lead to oily skin which when mixed with the daily debris can clog pores and cause breakouts.

Regular exfoliation better cleans the skin and normalizes excess sebum levels by unclogging and reducing the appearance of pores. This results in less breakouts, safeguarding of acne prone skins.

6. Product Efficiency

Dead skin built-up on the surface of the complexion clogs pores and prevents skincare and makeup to properly penetrate the skin.

Exfoliating the skin on a regular basis helps reduce the dead skin built up on the top layers of the skin, providing more efficiency to both skincare and makeup products. In the case of skincare it will allow for more effective results. While in the case of makeup it will allow for a more smooth, even and durable application.

7. Perfect Tan

During summer, having a nice tan is a must. However, achieving an even tan is not always an easy task. That’s because you have to exfoliate!

The human body sheds dead skin at different rates. Exfoliating the entire body on a regular basis helps reduce dead skin built-up and achieve an even tan.

Types of Exfoliation

types of exfoliation

Exfoliation can be characterized as:

  • Chemical Exfoliation
  • Physical Exfoliation

1. Chemical Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation represents the usage of exfoliating acids to remove dead skin cells and excess oil from the outer layer of the skin. The exfoliating acids accelerate the skin cell turnover by penetrating the deeper layers of the skin and breaking the bonds between cells. This leads to dead skin to be quickly removed, resulting in smooth, even complexion that glows from within.

Chemical exfoliators vary according to product type. Some examples are cleansers, toners and peeling gels. The composition of chemical exfoliators contains the presence of exfoliating ingredients such as BHA, AHA and fruit enzymes. However, smoothing and rich ingredients like hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica are also highly present to protect and prevent damage to the skin.

Overall chemical exfoliation provides even and affective results without damaging or hashing the skin. As a result even sensitive and acne prone skin types can benefit from this gentle exfoliation method.

2. Physical Exfoliation

This type of exfoliation utilizes ingredients or tools to rub on the skin to remove dead skin from the surface of the complexion. Physical exfoliators vary from granular face masks to massage onto the skin to electric or manual cleansing brushes. Examples of such are clay masks and spinning brushes.

This abrasive exfoliating method is not recommended to sensitive skins and acne prone complexions. Since the friction may cause irritation and damage to the skin.

Why Exfoliating Pads?

woman exfoliating face

Exfoliating pads combine what best exists in physical and chemical exfoliators. This is, effective chemical formulas that provide and even, smooth skin and a relaxing physical massage that stimulates cell regeneration and blood circulation.

Unlike other exfoliating products, exfoliating pads are beyond easy to use and can shorten your beauty routine to half. For instance, exfoliating pads are pre-soaked in acid ingredients to provide a smooth complexion and all you need to do is swipe it!

Furthermore, contrary to other exfoliating products, exfoliating pads also provide a level of control to the exfoliating process. For example, each side of the pad has two different textures. This provides control to the exfoliation as you can select the side to use according to your skin’s sensitivity.

Wish Formula Bubble Peeling Pads

best korean exfoliating pads

If you are a skincare fanatic, the Korean skincare industry has some of the best exfoliating products for your skin.

In terms of exfoliating pads, Korean skincare brands offer a vast variety of products that help smooth the overall texture of the skin. However some provide better results than other.

Wish Formula, is a household Korean skincare brand that offers spa-like quality formulas at affordable prices. In terms of exfoliating pads, this philosophy is not an exception and Whish Formula holds some of most innovative and unique Korean exfoliating pads in the market.

The Bubble Peel Pad line in particular, is fully patented and offers a fresh new look to the exfoliation process with face and body exfoliation pads that can be used in the shower for a bright and smooth complexion.

In regards to the formula, the Bubble Peel Pad line offers many ingredients beneficial to the skin. For instance, both pads contain the presence of exfoliating agents such as glycolic acid, lactic acid and fruit extracts. This provides the formula to gain an acid pH level, which allows for a more even removal of dead skin cells.

Fermented ingredients, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, are also present in the formulation to balance the acid agents and increase cell regeneration and moisture retention.

In terms of usage, the pads are extremely versatile and easy to use. They hold different textures in each side to adjust according to skin type and sensitivity. Plus, provide a strap to facilitate the application process.

Overall this leaves the skin extremely soft without signs of distress or dehydration. These Korean exfoliating pads make for an excellent weekly exfoliation alternative. So give it a try!

Final Thoughts

korean skincare

Overall, exfoliating pads are a great alternative for the busy bees out there. Its practicality offers exfoliating solutions attainable to anyone that wants a simpler skincare regime. Plus it’s suitable to all skin types!

The Wish Formula Bubble peeling pads are some of the best Korean exfoliating pads in the market. As not only they are innovative but fun an easy to use.

The overall results provide a smooth complexion without leaving the skin dry and malnourished. So give it a try and give your skin what it needs!

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