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Top K-Beauty Brands: Wish Formula & Ucine Beauty

Effective, fun and easy to use. These are just some of the words that describe the Korean skincare brands Wish Formula and Ucine Beauty. With years of experience and continuous investment in innovation, both brands have developed a line of skincare products that are high quality, effective and wallet friendly. Continue to ready and find out why these two K-Beauty brands should be in your radar.

Cotterang Inc.


Behind every beauty brand there’s a parent company. Both Wish Formula and Ucine Beauty belong to Cotterang Inc, which is a cosmetic group in South Korea. Cotterang was first established in 2008 and so far counts with 12 years of experience and presence in the k-beauty market. Its main purpose is to research and develop functional Korean beauty products based on fermentation science.

Wish Formula

wish forrmula

Under the Cotterang Groung, Wish Formula is a Korean skincare brand specialized in both spa and at home skincare treatments. The core focus of the brand is to provide effective skincare cosmetics through fermentation ingredients and techniques. To do so, the brand has dedicated years of experience to develop clinically safe formulas to guarantee effective skincare results. The use of natural extracts and organic ingredients adds to this concern and accentuates the brand’s ethics in providing the best quality products for its customers.

Unlike other K-beauty brands, Wish Formula produces all its lines in Korea. Altogether with the high quality aspect of the fermented formulas, this makes the manufacturing highly expensive. However, unlike k-beauty brands once more, Wish Formula is able to guarantees an affordable price tag.

Altogether, this has allowed the brand to expand its presence internationally, reaching bigger markets and audiences. As of today, Wish Formula is present in the U.S, Russia, Europe and East Asia and in partnership with international distributors like Ulta, Rossmann and Lafayette.

Spa Line

K-beauty cosmeticsLike mentioned previously, Wish Formula specializes in both spa and at home skincare treatments. The spa line in particular, caters to professionals’ performing skincare treatments at dermatology clinics. The line of professional-only products covers all steps of treatments like nonabrasive peeling, providing consistency and effectiveness to the treatment overall. In addition, in true fashion of Wish Formula, all products contain fermented agents.

One of the product lines called “bio fermentation peeling program”, offers nine different products that serve different skin types and concerns. This allows treatments to be highly personalized and diversified according to each client’s concerns. For that reason, more than 1,000 renowned clinics and hospitals in South Korea are working with Wish Formula today.

At Home Line

Seeing how Wish Formula’s spa line has received the seal of approval from professionals, the same can be expected from the at home line of products. Well you are completely right and the reasons for it are the line’s quality, versatility and inclusivity aspects.

1. Quality

wish forrmula Wish Formula’s at home line of products caters to bring the luxury and quality of spa treatments to home. In the past years the brand has develop a selection of products and lines that offer spa quality results. An example of that is, one of the most famous products of the brand, the “I’m Pro Ampoule Pad-C” which is an innovative twist to serum application. In short, it consists of a pad soaked in rich vitamin C serum that offers a more sophisticated application of skincare.


2. Versatility

wish forrmulaAlongside the spa quality effects, Wish Formula’s “at home” line of products aims to be versatile and offer multipurpose. Examples of such are the “365 Day Day All in One Boosting Pad Mask” that exfoliates, brightens and moisture the skin. This patent technology is present in other products of the brand, as Wish Formula contains an extensive line of other ampoule and peeling pads.


3. Inclusivity

wish forrmulaOne of the strongest key points of Wish Formula’s at home line is its inclusivity in helping all skin types. For instant the ampule pad technology offers solutions for both dry skin and acne prone skin. While the sheet mask line offers several anti aging solutions to reduce fine lines. Even sensitive skins can enjoy the wonders of an at home peeling with the “Bubble Peeling Pad”!



Ucine Beauty

k-beauty brands

Talking about other k-beauty brands, Ucine Beauty is another contender to keep it on your radar. Under the Cotterang Groung as well, Unice Beauty is the sister brand of Wish Formula. With similar concepts, Ucince Beauty aims to offer fun and multipurpose functions at lower price ranges than Wish Formula.

As of today the brand owns two major products:

  • Smile Face Clean Sponge
  • Life Energy Ampoule

Smile Face Clean Sponge

ucine beauty

This little sponge is not only adorable but extremely effective. It’s main purpose is to cleanse, exfoliate and provide glow via a soothing massage.  The dry coating of the sponge contains hypoallergenic ingredients, as well as vitamin-c, PHA and fermented plant extracts.

In order to use it, you need to submerge the sponge in a small quantity of water and rub it in until a soft foam of bubbles appears. This multipurpose sponge can be used to get rid of extra sebum, dead skin and makeup residues. Altogether it will leave your skin soft, moisturized and with no irritation!

Life Energy Ampoule

ucine beauty

Ucine Beauty’s life energy ampoule is another multipurpose product with a cocktail of nourishing ingredients. The ampoule aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and signs of hyperpigmentation, as well as dehydration. To provide efficient results, the ampoule contains a list of rich ingredients such as PHA, niacinamide and natural fermented extracts. These nourish and protect the skin’s barrier, leaving the skin with a glow and youthful look.

Final Thoughts

k-beauty brands

In conclusion the world of k-beauty brands is definitely extensive. Many new comers are mostly up to date with the mainstream brands. However, there are still amazing and exciting brands under the radar. Wish Formula and Ucine Beauty are two great examples of that.

They are definitely changing the game of Korean skincare, providing more efficient and multipurpose routines for many of us “busy bees”. And most importantly, without compromising the price!

The usage of fermentation in product formulas is one of the strongest key points the two brands have to offer. Since fermentation in skincare benefits all skin types, increasing collagen production, reducing breakouts and improving texture. The constant push for innovation in product formulation is another game changer. As it provides an exciting change to skincare routine, without the compromise of quality.

The possibilities are definitely endless with these two brands. So take a chance and try Wish Formula and Ucine Beauty! In addition, if you are curious about k-skincare don’t miss any of our updates on current trends and product releases.