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On-The-Go Skincare Travel Essentials

On-the-Go Skincare Travel Essentials

Travelling can be a pain in the butt. It requires a lot of planning and thought, especially when it comes to packing and selecting skincare products. In most cases, we try to fit the entire house in our four-wheel carry-on. However, that’s not very convenient since we end up not using everything during travel. To reduce the stress and the mistake of overpacking, having some on-the-go skincare essentials is crucial! Not only because it saves some extra weight in the luggage but gives us peace of mind.

Korean skincare brands like Wish Formula and Ucine Beauty are pioneers on travel skincare. They have forever invested in multi-purpose formulas at convenient price points that simplify skincare routines and wallets. Continue to read and find out which on-the-go skincare products you should try for more convenient travel!

Travel Skincare Guide: Rules & Tips

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From weight limits to carry-on size restrictions, when traveling there are rules we must obey.

When it comes to skincare products, the rules intensify even more, as air travel requires extreme caution. For instance, with carry-on bags, not all products are allowed to go along with you. And those that are can only pass the airport security under specific quantities. These limitations lead many of us to be confused with what to bring. Especially when each airline has its own set of rules!

In this section, we showcase some of the nos and yeses for travel skincare:

1. Select only what you need

According to Beautiful with Brains, a crucial tip for travel skincare is to only bring what you need. Although this might be difficult, to reduce stops at airport security, you should select only the skincare products that you know you will use every day. This can be your cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen, for example. Nevertheless, avoid picking things that you will only use once or twice, as those are not mandatory and can be stopped at airport security.

2. Solids instead of liquids

In carry-on bags, only certain liquids can pass. To avoid strict inspections, opt for solid products. For instance, instead of using liquid cleansers like micellar water, use cleaning balms or soaps. This way, you can reduce time during airport security and safeguard your skincare routine for travel!

3. Products according to the destination

Another vital tip for travel skincare is to bring products that best suit the weather and your skin type at the travel destination. For instance, if you have oily skin and are traveling to a humid area, try to select oil-free and light-weight skincare formulas to avoid possible breakouts.

4. Sample sizes

In Europe, only skincare products under 100ml are allowed in carry-on bags. In the US, the same thing happens as only formulas with less than 3.4 ounces are allowed in airplanes. To safeguard your skincare regiment, product samples can be your best friend.

For starters, product samples are travel size friendly. Meaning you can even pack them according to the period of your stay. Secondly, because they serve the purpose of one usage, once you finish them you can make space in your luggage for other items like souvenirs.

4 On-the-Go Skincare Travel Essentials

ucine beauty smile clean face sponge

Now that you are up to date with the majority of rules and tips regarding travel skincare, what are some travel-friendly and on-the-go skincare products that you can bring while traveling? Well, as mentioned previously, both Wish Formula and Ucine Beauty hold multipurpose skincare lines that can simplify travel packing to another level. The following 4 are the brands most versatile products:

  • 33 Bubble Pad
  • 33 Ampoule Pad
  • Smile Clean Face
  • Peeling Bubble Fairy

33 Bubble Pad

wish formula 33 bubble padDo you want to pack light? Then Wish Formula’s 33 Bubble Pad is the right product for you.

This multipurpose item comprises three skincare functions in one. Yes, that’s right. This travel-friendly pad cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin, all in one step.

The ingredient list is also friendly to all skin types, as it contains low-irritating ingredients such as  AHA, vitamin-C, and naturally fermented plant extracts. Altogether this product is a great ally to bring during vacation, as it deeply cleanses the skin, leaving the complexion smooth, radiant, and moisturized.



33 Ampoule Pad

wish formula 33 ampoule pad

Another travel skincare essential is the Wish Formula’s 33 Ampoule. With similar functions to the 33 Bubble Pad, this multifaceted pad acts as three different steps of your skincare regiment: toner, lotion, and ampoule.
The nourishing ingredient list includes PHA, Centella Asiatica, Beatglucan, and fermented vegetable extracts; that help soothe and replenish the moisture of the skin barrier.
Although beneficial to all skin types, dry, mature, and sensitive completions benefit the most of the 33 Ampoule Pad. The reason for this is because the padded massage action allows the formula to fully penetrate the dermis, leaving the skin extremely moist and glowy. Plus, the massage also helps stimulate collagen, which improves anti-aging results.


Smile Clean Face

ucine beauty smile clean faceInstead of overpacking your luggage with facial cleansers, why not bringing Ucine Beauty’s Smile Clean Face sponge?

As mentioned in a previous post, this hypoallergenic, vitamin-C, PHA, and fermented plant extract infused sponge is an all in all complete product. Its purpose is to clean and exfoliate the skin without irritating or dehydrating the dermis. In this sense, it helps get rid of any extra sebum, dead skin, and makeup residues that can clog the pores. The overall results are a more smooth and healthy complexion that glows from inside out and blurs the appearance of any fine lines.

Plus since it can be used up to 2 times, you can pack these, bad boys according to the duration of your trip!


Body Peeling Bubble Fairy

ucine beauty body peeling bubble fairySimilar to the previous product, another on-the-go skincare item perfect for traveling is Ucine Beauty’s Body Peeling Bubble Fairy.
The Bubble Fairy sponge aims to deep clean the body by eliminating dead skin cells and dirt from the surface of the skin. Plus, it contains an ingredient list full of hypoallergenic elements such as AHA, vitamins A, C, E, and B5. Altogether, this potent body washing sponge can be useful up to 15 times, leaving the skin smooth, moisturized, and with no irritation.

All in all, this potent body sponge is an excellent alternative to exfoliating body masks; Not only because it occupies less space on the luggage but because it serves a purpose during the majority of your holidays.



Final Thoughts

On-The-Go Skincare Travel Essentials

Overall, bringing your typical skincare routine on vacation is not an easy task. Restrictions on formulas and quantities can complicate things even more, so when in doubt try to simplify!

To secure a complete and travel-friendly skincare routine you should select on-the-go skincare products. Wish Formula and Ucine Beauty hold some of the most innovative and multipurpose products in the market, which are essentials to any travel! So why not give it a try?

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