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Benefits of the Korean Morning Skincare Routine

skinOur skin is very complicated. Some of us have oily skin, others have dry skin, or you can have combination skin like me! It can be difficult trying to manage our skin when there are changes going on. The best way to take control of your skin during these situations is to have a solid skincare routine. Keep reading this article to learn about a Korean morning skincare routine, and how it can help you! Whether it be when we eat something unhealthy, or stressed out, or even change our environment. Our skin will have a reaction. But what would really  

Korean morning skincare routine

The Importance of a Skincare Routine 

Now, we all can be a bit lazy when it comes to our skincare. We feel that it can be too long, and there are so many products to choose from we have no idea what to choose, and what all the products are. This is where a routine comes into play.   


In order to keep our skin in good condition, it is vital to have a routine. You see, every day we are shedding dead skin cells, so it is very important for us to treat our skin and protect and nourish it. All skin types are different, and our skin changes as we age, so a Korean skincare routine will help with preventing any future issues and keep your skin healthy.  


Once you develop a routine, your skin will adjust and improve according to which products you use. But having a skincare routine also helps save you money. By taking care of your skin, you can possibly avoid certain skin issues, which down the line will become very costly. Skincare routines help prevent acne, early deep-set wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, and a trip to the dermatologist.  


But most of all, we all feel good when we look good. Having a skincare routine is incredibly important when it comes to our appearance. Especially in the morning when we go out to face the world! Creating a morning routine for yourself will not just give you glowing and vibrant skin, but also make you feel as confident on both the outside and inside. Now the question is what is the right routine and how long should it be? 


Korean Morning Skincare Routine 

Korean morning skincare routine

 There are always new trends going on with skincare, including routines. Korean skincare especially is a known trendsetter in the skincare industry. From the 10 step method to the 7 Skin Method, and more. Most of these trends involve products that people use in their routine. Now it doesn’t need to be too difficult with 10 or 7 steps. But a routine is definitely necessary. The Korean morning skincare routine is incredibly simple and effective. It only includes easy five steps, and then you are on your way to protected and healthy skin! 


  1.  Double Cleanse 

When we all get up in the morning, many of us wake up with sweat and oil that developed overnight. Or some of us were too tired to take off our makeup the night before so that residual is left. This is where double cleansing comes in! With double cleansing, you first use an oil based cleaner. This cleanser will get rid of all the dirt, oil, and leftover products that did not get cleaned off the night before. After you finish with the oil-based cleanser, follow up with the water-based cleanser. This will cause the oil and water to emulsify, and get rid of any dirt and oil that is left on the skin. These cleansers are a power duo together, and will always leave you with squeaky clean skin!

  1.  Toner 

Now a toner is a next product to use. Now not too many people use a toner in western skincare, but it is a must in Korean skincare! Toner’s help balances the pH levels in our skin. This means that applying toner will help your skin absorb the products after it. This is why toner is a crucial step and is the first product to use after cleansing the skin. Without a toner, we sometimes feel the products are just sitting on our faces. Where with a toner, we can actually feel the following products seep into our skin! 

  1.  Essence 

As for essence, this step is optional. But it is definitely for people who want to pamper their skin and is a lot of people’s favorite step. If applied after toner, your skin will drink it up and leaves you with hydrated and plump skin. This is great because if your skin has a sufficient amount of hydration in the morning, then the oil and sebum production in your skin will be under control and won’t overproduce. So if you have oily or combination skin, then essence is a definite must! 

  1.  Moisturizer 

This step is one that most of us already have and is likely the only step you used to use so this should not be considered extra. But a moisturizer is incredibly important in a skincare routine. If you are using the right moisturizer, then your skin barrier would not feel oily or sticky, but sealed and protected. The moisturizer locks in all the other products and moisture in the skin and protects it!  

  1.  Sunscreen 

The last and commonly forgotten step is sunscreen. Many people do not know this, but sunscreen is the most important step in your morning skincare routine! All of these other steps are going to waste if you are not going to wear SPF. No matter if you are inside or out, or if it is summer or winter, you always have to put on sunscreen.  


Even reapply it throughout the day if you can! It does many things from protecting your chances of gaining skin cancer and from the UV rays to evening out your skin tone, and even prevents your skin from premature aging. Sunscreen is only necessary for your morning routine and sun protection is a must


Now we know the benefits and steps of a Korean morning skincare routine, the next question is where and what products should we get.  A Korean skincare company that we all love is Wish Formula. They have incredible skincare products, including the ones for a great morning routine! 




Korean Products Perfect for Your Morning Routine  

wish formula 33 bubble pad

For double cleansing, Wish Formula has a unique product called the 33 Bubble Pad Sheet. This is actually a double cleanser within itself! It’s great at taking off all of the dirt and oil we produce during the night. It clears the skin, and leaves you glowing! You just massage your face gently with it for a minute and then wash it off. The coolest thing is that this product leaves your skin feeling moisturized! 


With toner, the Fermented Hydra Essential toner is perfect for all skin types. Utilizing fermented ingredients, this toner leaves you with soft, bright, and hydrating skin. But mostly it’s great for protecting your skin barrier. 


Read about ferments benefits here

korean skincare products for men

The Day Day 365 All-in-One Boosting Pad Mask, contains a pad that is drenched in essence. This product contains amazing ingredients like niacinamide, Centella extract, and fermented nutrients. It soaks into the skin, and leaves you glowing and brightened skin! 


Next is moisturizer, and the Fermented Hydra Ceramide Lotion is perfect for the skin. It balances the oil and moisture within the skin and locks in the moisture and previous products above. It doesn’t feel sticky or oily on the skin, instead, it leaves you feeling soft and hydrated. Most of all, it has fermented ingredients, so this product is great for treating, repairing, and protecting the skin’s barrier. 


Last but not least is the UV-blocking functional sunblock. Like most of the products above this sunscreen contains fermented ingredients, but it has even more benefits. It’s hypoallergenic, so it is incredibly gentle on the skin. It’s also very lightweight, so it doesn’t feel like you have a number of products on the skin. But the best thing about this sunscreen is that it seeps into the skin and doesn’t leave you with a white cast. 


Final Thoughts 

Two girls applying the 7 skin method

As hard as it can be to get into a routine, a skincare routine, especially in the morning is necessary! It also makes for a fun morning ritual, and helps you feel more ready and energized in the morning. If you Incorporate the Korean skincare morning routine every day, you will definitely see results in your skin in the upcoming weeks.  


Using Korean skincare products, like the ones from Wish Formula will definitely help provide the results at a great pace. But remember, the most important thing is to be as consistent with your morning skincare routine, just like any routine! 

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