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Beginners Guide To Korean Skin Care

The Best Korean Anti Aging Skincare Products

As we get older, our skin loses the elasticity and youthfulness it once had. We end up with wrinkles, and though some people get anti aging procedures done, it can be pricy. The best way path to go is to invest in the right skincare products. Not only are skincare products great for those who have wrinkles but also for young people who want to prevent them. But looking for the right products can be hard and confusing. So keep reading to find the best Korean anti aging skincare products, and why they are the best.  

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How Investing in Skincare Helps Anti Aging 

Contrary to many beliefs, anti aging products are not just meant for the older demographic. The use of anti aging products is recommended to begin during our twenties. Nowadays it is not just aging but also external factors. 

From air pollution to the visible light, and even certain products we use that cause irritation to the skin are all factors in skin aging in our twenties. These all contribute to the breakdown of our collagen which brings elasticity to our skin. But it is also important for prevention purposes since many of us in our twenties cannot see these changes. 


Although we ultimately cannot stop wrinkles, fine lines, and dark spots to appear on our skin, we can prolong it and also prevent the appearance of them looking too deep. Though many people resort to surgical procedures, if you get into the right skincare, there is really no need since the ingredients in the right products will help you age gracefully. The idea of anti aging products is not to for making you look younger but to look like the freshest version of yourself with a youthful glow.  


Importance of Skincare Routines


But this all starts with getting to know your skin and which products to use. First of all, it is important to have a skin care routine. 

You want to protect your skin now. so you won’t have to have a pricey and dramatic surgery in the long run. That is where a routine comes in. 

Routines help our skin stay in good condition, because we are shedding skin cells every day it is important to keep your skin in good condition. It helps with battling acne and preventing fine lines and wrinkles while giving you bright and glowy skin.  


When we age, our skin cells tend to turn over slower, giving our skin a duller look. But if you use a quality skincare line not only helps remove the dead skin cells but also replaces our body and face with newer and youthful cells. 

It also boosts our self confidence, our skin is something that we and others see every day, and our skin’s appearance can really affect one’s self-image. As for anti aging products, it is important to look for the right ingredients in order to get the best results. The best Korean anti aging skincare products all have these main ingredients: 

  • Vitamin C 
  • Glycerin 
  • Adenosine 

The Best Anti Aging Skincare Ingredients 

Vitamin C 

Vitamin C is an incredible anti oxidant used in many skincare products. It is great for sun protection, by reducing the damage done by free radicals which are particles that cause inflammation. As well as preventing wrinkles that can be caused by sun damage. 

Vitamin C prevents wrinkles by creating more collagen growth, which is a protein in the skin that helps keep the elasticity in the skin. Collagen rich skin is actually less likely to have any appearance of wrinkles or fine lines, whereas thinner skin does. 



Glycerin is an incredibly popular ingredient used in skincare products. From sunscreen to moisturizer, to face masks, and soap, glycerin is as commonly used as it gets. It has incredible moisturizing abilities because it is a humectant, meaning it is perfect for retaining moisture in the skin. 

By drawing moisture into the surface of the skin, it gives our skin a soft appearance. Glycerin fills in and smoothes out wrinkles on the face and also helps give us a more youthful look. This is by glycerin making our skin cells mature properly and protect our skin barrier. It is an incredibly safe and gentle ingredient and has an amazing amount of beneficial properties for the skin.  



Adenosine is an amazing ingredient for anti aging. It energizes the surface of the skin, which in turn decreases the appearance of wrinkles. Adenosine also has incredible properties like increasing our collagen levels. It stimulates collagen production and helps firm the skin and strengthen it. 

Not to mention it is great at tissue repair and healing our skin barrier. Adenosine also fights inflammation in the skin through our white blood cells which are quick to heal damaged or infected skin tissue. In all adenosine has great benefits to the skin, providing it with elasticity and hydration. 


The most common place you will find these ingredients is in the best Korean anti aging products, from companies such as Wish Formula. 

The Best Korean Anti Aging Skin Products 


One of Wish Formula’s most popular products is their Impro Ampoule Pad-C. This is a great exfoliating product that has many benefits. By exfoliating the skin, it helps shed dead skin cells and moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It contains a high concentrate of Vitamin C and glycerin, so it firms and smoothes out the skin tone, giving you a youthful glow. 


The second product is its Fermented Active Serum M Plus. This serum is amazing for bringing back elasticity in the skin and wrinkle prevention. It has adenosine, glycerin, niacinamide, and fermented ingredients.

Niacinamide helps reduce water loss in the skin and improves the skin’s elasticity. Fermented ingredients are great for the skin because they are known hydrating and plumping the skin, along with minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. 


A great moisture cream to use when treating or preventing wrinkles and gives a powerful anti aging effect is the Biotox 20 Cream. It improves the appearance of wrinkles and nourishes the skin more, making it more elastic and giving a glowy effect. It has adenosine as its main ingredient and uses glycerin, giving our skin a moisturized and smooth look. 

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Just like the fermented serum this product is rich in similar and great ingredients. Wish Formula’s Bat Eye Honey Fermentation Essence Mask gives amazing results for our eye area. 

Not only does it brighten our under eyes but also treats wrinkles in that area. Its ingredients include glycerin, adenosine, and fermented ingredients that all nourish and moisturize the skin. Read more about this product here.  


How is Korean Skincare Different


These are some of the best Korean anti aging skincare products because not only do they contain incredible and beneficial ingredients, but they are also gentle. Korean skincare formulas make sure to use gentle and efficient formulas so it is safe for all skin types, from oily skin to dry skin to sensitive skin. Not to mention that it is all at a reasonable price. 

That is because unlike cosmetics, our skin is permanent. So the Korean skincare industry understands the need for skincare and the importance of it. That is why they have an incredible variety of gentle skincare, put in nice packaging, all at the customer’s needed price.   

Final Thoughts 


Anti aging skincare is not just for older and more mature people. It all starts with prevention and then treatment. Incorporating products from Wish Formula and the specific ingredients into your skincare will benefit your skin now and in the future.  It is important to find the best for your skin, which is why we talked about the best Korean anti aging skincare products.  

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